The HechMex social media campaign is a project by Martin Paredes designed to highlight the many contributions immigrants, especially Mexicans, have made for the United States. For too long we have been hiding in the shadows. It is time to let out voices be heard in the immigration debate. As immigrants, we have let political rhetoric define who we are. As immigrants, we need to engage in the debate about immigration.


Immigration has always been the most controversial issue in national political debates. Lost in the debate are the voices of the immigrants. Immigrants have always played an important part in the United States. However, our truth is often distorted for political reasons.

The Internet is the political battleground. Millions of dollars were spent in the 2014 midterm elections to frame the online debate. Zac Moffatt, the digital director for Mitt Romney, was paid almost $10 million by various Republican committees to manage the online campaigns of candidates in 2014. This is what we are facing. However, we are a silent majority that needs to engage in the debate.


The campaign is simple. Almost every aspect of the United States economy is benefited by Mexican immigrants. We need to come out of the shadows. I created the "Proudly Made by a Mexican" logo so that it can be displayed on anything you create, manufacture or produce. It can be a digital image attached to your digital work. It can be a sticker attached to what you make. It can be a sign on your store or restaurant. Basically, use it as you like to show case what Mexicans make in the United States.

This campaign is Mexican focused because I am a Mexican and also because Mexicans are predominantly the largest immigrant population in the United States, I do not discount the many other contributions made by all of the other immigrants in the United States. Everyone is welcome to use the material here to highlight the immigrant contributions to the United States regardless of your national origin. Please feel free to use any of the material herein to create your own campaign for the ethnic group you most identify with. The end result is to stop allowing ourselves to be marginalized for political expediency by remaining silent.